Loving a Bad Idea


Creative thinking needs an idea.

Let’s call it “the idea”.

The idea should be wrong. The idea should make every possible mistake. The idea should be weak, vulnerable, thin, insubstantial, ineffectual, infirm, poor and helpless… The idea has to carry many negative adjectives to fall in love with the positive alternatives. The idea should change its name. Bad is the best name for a good idea. It is “badded” by a brain that never felt wrong by starting to think.

Now, it’s time to create a bad idea!

Creative Thinking: A Dirty Paper

It’s hard to trigger creative thinking. A paper is not enough. A pencil is not enough. Silence is not enough. A full stomach, a happy wallet, a sweet home is not enough.

Self-confidence is not related to creative thinking. Positive thinking, taking a bright view, leaning towards something… Creative thinking doesn’t start with these.

It starts with a desire to scramble. Like mixing up an entire galaxy. Like turning the stars upside down. Like black holes do…

You put an empty paper on your table. And you realize that the paper is not empty. You also realize that the paper is not white. The paper is not a friend. The paper doesn’t take orders. The paper doesn’t ask for approval. The paper asks independent questions. The paper reads independent ideas. The paper doesn’t care about the things that the mass media cares. The paper is eatable. The paper is poisonous. The paper trash talks. The paper spits in faces. The paper pisses on graves. The paper is the revolution. The paper smells like something you have never smelled before. The paper tries to start something wild.

Creative Thinking: Trouble Maker

You need to be embarrassed to start something amazing. Ashamed of an idea that is created by someone else… 
You need trouble to give birth to a great idea. You need disturbance. You need disorder. You need discomfort, uneasiness, unwellness, inconvenience, irritation, challenge…

You need to be harassed by an idea. You need to burn with desire to give an answer to that ideological harassment. You need to be thirsty for change.

Creative Thinking: Killing The Old You

 You need to be ready to be shot and killed by an idea. An idea can kill “the old you”. The old you is bold. The old you never listens. The old you owns everything. The old you has obligations. The old you carries immovable properties. The old you carries tons. The old you carries your old brain. The old you needs lies. The old you finds new lies. The old you lies. The old you pretends to be the new you. The old you is the enemy of creative thinking. The old you amuses “the enemy”. The old you is an elephant in a vase. The old you is heavy. The old you has no air to start a fire. The old you has no inner water to cry. The old you is dry. The old you is drier than a never chosen road. The old you is the combination of all the alternative lives that belongs to yesterday.

Creative Thinking: Time Games

 Now it’s now o’clock. It is so now that you never felt so now before. Your now is so big that you walk with your now right now. Your now talks. Your now smiles. Your now doesn’t search for an enemy. Your now is light. Your now is an ant on the grass of an empty stadium. Your now cries like Niagara. Your now has no belongings. Your now doesn’t have clothes. Your now doesn’t want to look sexy. Your now doesn’t want to look cool. Your now doesn’t want to look like someone or something. Your now is younger than your birth. Your now is a feeling that feels like the real reality. Your now is fresh when it’s punched. Your now is alive when it’s killed by a second. Hand by hand, you and your now walk together on the death and rebirth path of your now and you touch every millisecond of it. You will never leave your now alone since you understand that it’s your very own now. Your now is your laws of physics. Your now is your offspring. Your now is your black hole. Your now is your universe that was born into your now. You could never exist, think and create without the existence of your now which is stronger than any philosophy that has ever been created in the history of humankind. Meeting your now is meeting with time. It is now o’clock. It is not early. It is not late. It’s now.

Creative Thinking: C-Note

You need to hear a c-note to start the start.

A single c-note.

You got to feed your C.

Hear it without expectation.

Watch it grow.

Introduce it with paper.

You can’t give freedom to your C.

C is free.

Read the freedom of “your” C. If you read it, other musical notes will also come.

A, B, D, E, F, and G.

Creative Thinking: Louder

When you hear the music one day, it’s your day.  

You cleared a piece of brain in order to grow your own musical notes.

Hear the music now. Hear it loud. Louder. Louder. Louder. It’s a philharmonic orchestra. And you are the conductor of the main idea. The creator of a great musical explosion. The big bang of self-expression. This is the definition of “success” that was never defined truly in theatric world history.

Welcome to your own creative thinking universe. No one lives here but you. It is the infinite emptiness that is filled with your potential creations.  

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