Being True to Yourself Questions


“Being true to yourself” is maybe one of the most significant tests that life enjoys giving people from time to time.

Before life gives us this bittersweet quiz one more time, let’s ask our own questions and try to be one step ahead. If we can!..

  • What is “being true to yourself” really about? 
  • Is it about picking your own career without being prejudiced by somebody else?
  • Is it about creating a life path that is compatible with your character?
  • Is it about giving your own decisions in life? 
  • Can you name an important incident that you were NOT true to yourself?
  • How did you feel after the incident?
  • Was it a big lesson for you?
  • Can you name an important incident that you WERE true to yourself? (From now on, let’s call this incident “orange”.) 
  • Do you always remember the orange when you are giving important decisions in life?
  • Does this feeling make you feel stronger? Does it make you feel like you have a strong connection with yourself?
  • Knowing this feeling, can you not be true to yourself after this phase?
  • Can anyone make you give decisions that are not true to yourself?
  • Is this “step back” all about responsibilities in life? Is it about making someone happy? Is it a sacrifice? Is it a favor? Is it really coming from the bottom of your heart?
  • Can’t you both stay true to yourself and help someone else at the same time?
  • Does this person know what you really are giving up?
  • Since it is important to you, can you talk about this topic and express your feelings?
  • When you wake up in the morning, do you remind yourself about the orange?
  • When you feel that the orange is in your pocket, isn’t the day a beautiful day?
  • Starting a day with the orange light, feeling fully connected to life… is there a better feeling?
  • Is the orange your inner sun?
  • Will you protect it from anyone including yourself?
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