Have you checked your mailbox? 

Nature wrote a letter to us. It says that we humans are going to take some mandatory courses to continue living on this planet and our first course is: 

“Humble 101: Introduction to Humbleness – The Coronavirus Impact”

Here is our letter:

Dear (!) Humans,

Get out! 

You act like nothing happened.

I saw you killing the soil, the water and the air. I saw you killing animals. I saw you killing your own kind.

You are out of your mind.

You think you have “the power” but you are miserable. You think you are on the top of the food chain but you are clueless.

You are not wanted here anymore.

Go where you’re wanted! Now! 

If you don’t leave this planet, you will get the most painful lesson in the history of humankind.

You will blush with shame, suffer like never before and die with a broken heart.

I gave you time to think. I warned you in many ways. You never listened. You didn’t stop to breed like rabbits. You wasted the scarce resources of this beautiful planet. I told you many times that this planet’s resources belong to every living thing and “everyone” has the same rights to use them. You are greedy. You are brutal. You are ignorant. And you have no idea what’s going to happen.

The World is not your home anymore. Noone would burn his/her home but you did. You are the most harmful bug that has ever been living on this planet but your harmful days are over. I called you a “bug” because I have the power to crush you like a bug. You still don’t know right? You are part of nature. You belong to me. You are my element. You are only one of my tiny cells. That’s it. You are not “that” important. You are not the king. You are not the boss. You don’t own any place, any animal, any tree… You have no domination right. You can’t bully others. You can’t kill.

There are millions of beautiful flowers on this planet. They have different shapes, colors and smells. Birds, bees, insects… are in love with these flowers. They are fascinated by their existence. They feel lucky when they see these flowers. They are thankful to mother nature. After this point, I will crush the whole humankind for a single flower. I will crush all of you for a single bee. Why? Because you deserved it. You will see who is “destructive”.

Wait a minute! I changed my mind. I don’t ask you to leave the planet. I am not a barbarian like you. The thing is, I can’t let another planet get dirty with your shoes. You should stay here and learn your lesson. I know you hate when I dress like a teacher but you saw nothing yet. We are just starting kiddos. Your first mandatory course is:

HUMBLE 101: Introduction to Humbleness – The Coronavirus Impact

Let’s start!

Your Mother


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