Good Hearted Books


Winter was not “kind” this year. We need to wake up, reorient and recollect our creative pieces.

These 3 books have all the power to wipe the dust on us.

They have good hearts. They will put us in a healthy rhythm. 

1. Naïve. Super

This book is naive. Childish. Can look a little bit soft to you on the first pages… But no, it’s nothing close to that. Indeed, it will hit you like a rock. And play with your life settings. 

You will lose your way, together with the kid in the book (actually he is 25 years old). And then you will find your path again. Maybe!

Are you ready to quit the university? Do nothing at home? Lose meaning? Think about why we do what we do? Think about time and relativity? Take risks just to grab a piece of meaning? Value your heart? Hit the bottom? And do all of these with endless kindness?

This book is sending you inner revolution waves from Norway (by Erlond Loe) and you will thank me later if you welcome them now.

2. Mediterranean

Why Mediterranean part of the world is magical? Is life really easier there or is the nature helping us to take it easy in the Mediterranean part?

The “golden line” of the globe couldn’t be expressed better. Sunlight and the sea is transformative even with the words in this book.

You will sail from Constanta (Romania) to Alexandria (Egypt) and observe the change in nature from rough to gentle.

Get ready to lose your belongings, your heavy thoughts and your thousands year old reflexes.

It’s Panait Istrati time! 

3. The Old Man and the Sea

“The old Man and the Sea” is about life and death. It makes us rethink about aging, the survival instinct, hope, empathy and killing.

We do owe our lives to animals. And in our “modern lives”, we forget about their sacrifice. This book shakes us not only with this angle but also with “what life is all about”. 

Being at the top of the food chain shouldn’t wipe away our feelings and we have to understand and respect the ecosystem that we are living in.

Ernest Hemingway showed us the right way. Reading “The Old Man and the Sea” is a good start. And summer has a deeper meaning with this book.

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