Nemonte Nenquimo Quotes


Nemonte Nenquimo quotes are coming from one of the greatest sources of life on this planet: The Amazon Rainforest.

This strong woman, the Amazon fighter, is putting her life at risk to protect her land. 

This is a life journey that should be taught at schools so that we know what we are losing, how we are losing, and why we are losing.

Here are some hard-hitting quotes from Nemonte Nenquimo:

They come to cut down our trees. They come to contaminate our water. They come to destroy our way of life.

The world continues to destroy.

The world is dealing with the destruction of our planet.

I am a young Waorani woman. Our rainforest is the same as the city. We have our food, our pharmacy, our hardware store in our jungle. And we know how to live. We know how to look after it. 

We need to show the government and the world that our territory is full of life. The government’s map only shows lines and resources that they want to exploit.

The oil needs to stay underneath our land. There is no need to extract it. We’ve seen with our own eyes that these oil companies only bring disease and death.

With a lot of courage, strength and anger, I started to fight, thinking about the future of Waorani.

The world needs to listen to the voices of Amazonian woman because we as woman are the ones who go out to defend it, we are the ones who want our children to live well, and we are the ones fighting.

Taking care of the rainforest is not only of importance to indigenous people. This fight, what we are doing day after day is for all of us living on this planet.

I have a beautiful four year old daughter and I want her to have the same rainforest as I have it.

Without our land, there is no life.

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