Late: Not Latte!


Is It 2 Late to Save the World?


The damage is severe.

We humans are not mature enough to understand the balance of life.

It’s late my friends. Not latte! 

Here is why:

Our priority in life is “latte”. We can only panic when we ran out of coffee in the morning.

Bleached coral reefs, forced migration, acidic oceans, food and water scarcity… are not our red flags. When we hear about Amazon rainforest deforestation, we go to and order more coffee. We do never panic when we hear things like “ecological threshold”.

We do panic if we can’t smell coffee.

We believe that our artificial system is nature’s true cycle. But it isn’t. We built a dream theatre but we will miss the end of our own freak show.

Why don’t we enjoy the final scenes with amazing music and white chocolate mocha latte of course…

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