We had to talk. I had to do something. This had to stop. So, I found it:

Earhtquake: How did you find me?

Me: Easily! I feel you with all my cells in my body all the time. You became my existence. And I am you somehow.

Earthquake: What do you want?

Me: I want you to go away.

Earthquake: Go away where?

Me: I don’t know. To another planet where there is no life maybe.

Earthquake: You are so sweet.

Me: You are not.

Earthquake: So?

Me: So, go away!

Earthquake: On one condition!

Me: What condition?

Earthquake: I will go but I will take your sleep with me. I will faint day by day when you are wake and become almost nothing but I will be big when you’re sleeping.

Me: What do you mean “you will be big…”

Earthquake: It means I will be happening in your dreams.

Me: Ok! Deal!

Earthquake: Don’t be so sure! Think about it. Your sleep is where you talk with yourself. From now on you’ll be talking to me!

Me: I don’t talk with myself in my sleep!

Earthquake: Everybody does. A dream is a language.

Me: Ok Mr. Freud. I don’t need lessons from you. Let’s finish this deal!

Earthquake: I just want you to understand what you’re getting into. Losing your nights might be heavier than losing your days.

Me: Do I have another choice?

Earthquake: You can forget about this talk!

Me: Enough! Take my sleep. But watch your step. I am a hard nut to crack. Even if you get me, I will give you a bitter taste. And for your information: I’ll cook my way of earthquakes for you. Let’s do this!

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