I desperately needed a break. I saw a travel agency called GoInYouTravel while walking in the old town. It was time to leave this cold place. So I opened the door:

— Good morning! Can I buy a ticket to the south? Somewhere sunny and funny, please!

— Good morning! Unfortunately, we can’t send you to the south!

— Ok, east then. Mystic mountains, romantic ruins…

— Sorry, but we can’t do that either. We can send you to nowhere but you. Remember our name?

— GoInYouTravel!

— Yes, that’s what we do.

— That’s interesting. I want that. 

— Sure! Which part of you would you like to visit?

— Let me see… Ok, I want to go to my never-ending imagination part.

— Excellent choice! How long do you want to stay?

— Forever I guess!

— I’m sorry but we can’t do that!

— That should be the name of your travel agency! Why can’t you?..

— It’s against the GoInYouTravel rules. 

— Weird. What are your other rules?

— You can’t go in and shape things right away. You can only observe them. Silently sitting and watching things pass you by will help you feel them as they are. Only in this phase, you will be able to shape some of them. Temporarily! They will reshape whenever they want.

— What kind of rule is this?

— It’s not a rule actually. It’s an experience. You can try to go against it and lose all the time in the world being a “me sculptor”. 

— More rules or experiences?

— Don’t sleep in you. If you do, we might not be able to wake you up! You can sing, dance, kiss… Partying of any kind is no problem.

— Can I invite my friends?

— They are already in you!

— What are they doing in me?

— Living.

— What are they living? It’s my life!

— They are living their lives.

— In me?

— Yes.

— Do I give them a space so that they live their lives?

— Yes.

— Do I rent out this space?

— No, you give it for free.

— What do I get in return?

— All those feelings.

— So all those feelings are easy to have?

— No, all those feelings are scarce resources. They are the hardest to find. And even if you find them, there is no way to buy them.

— So I’m getting the “hardest to find” and “unbuyable” by just freeing my inner space!

— You are the definition of luck.

— Thank you. You made my day. I want to see my friends now. 23 hours, please!

— Sure! And that’s the upper limit. 23 irreplaceable hours! Remember, don’t fall asleep! Here is your ticket. Enjoy your journey!

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