Fasten your dreambelt.

Today we’ll fly to places that have never been discovered before.

We will leave no footprints behind.

Not even carbon ones.

Nothing physical we’ll feel.

Just the two nude minds of us, traveling without a schedule…

You start!

Without a clock and a dimension.

Without a Times Squaristic piece of mind.

With a feeling.

That feels like a Mustang horse.

Without a horse-powered engine.

With a horse-strong will.

All animal.

All red.

All sweaty.

All us.

Running without limits. 




Evolving into a dino-bird.

Flying overconfidently to any place that’s created by our imagination.

Owning them passionately.

Adding new ones to our collection.

Until we hit that blind street.

Which is famous for its down-to-earthish slap.

We don’t know how much this will hurt in the end.


We just want to live it.

Why not!

Sooner or later or forever we are doomed to be humans.

Aren’t we?

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