One More Step

One More Step

The most important thing now is your step. It tells life all about you. You communicate with the universe by the way you walk. 

Walk freely. Walk in your own language. Walk with your inner tree. Walk in the shoes of an ox that owns civilizations. Walk as you have never walked on this earth before: You were blind to all these beauties and now they are love at first sight. 

Your step is your father/mother/brother/sister whom you carry inside your inner tree. You walk in history by carrying your own history in your body/soil. Life is still complicated but all is well while you walk. Your step heals you. You kiss your step and it heals you again. Your step loves to heal you. 

Your step is billions of graves that are lying on the surface of this planet. Your step is billions of stars that are lying in the darkness of the sky. You have no explanation for all of these happenings. You are the explanation. Your existence is the explanation. Your step is the explanation. Step by step you become the summary of “life” and you represent it with your shoes. 

Walk wildly. Drink the road. Let it be your home inside you. One more step. One more step. One more…

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