Questions About Our Unique Talents


Let’s dive into our inner terra incognita (unexplored soils):

  • Is there a possibility that we can dislike and ignore our unique talents?
  • Can we water our unique talents so that they can grow like a happy tree?
  • Since we are in a rat race and we have no time for anything, how do we keep watering our inner tree?
  • Why is it important to water our inner tree?
  • Is connecting with our inner tree somehow related to being kind, sharp, fresh, sophisticated, tasteful, light, and fruitiness?..
  • Did you see anyone who is connected to his/her inner tree? Was this person in peace with the world and with himself/herself?
  • If we choose to ignore our unique talents, do we only lose our unique talents or do we also lose the chance to be uniquely kind, sharp, fresh, sophisticated, tasteful, light, and fruitiness?
  • Do our unique inner sources help us to mature?
  • Will we enjoy life in our unique styles if we keep touching the branches of our inner tree?
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